Sunday, April 30, 2017

A to Z Challenge - Z is for Zilch

Can't believe I actually made it through the entire A to Z Challenge.  I want to thank everyone who has been reading this blog, thank you for the wonderful comments and I plan on keeping it more active.  I don't think every day is a reality right now with work being crazy, but I can see at least two or three posts a week.  I have films I've seen that I need to review so please keep an eye out for new posts.

As for today, I have a quandary.  I've been able to find a movie for each letter of the alphabet to write about, even letter X, although I was nearly shut down by the A to Z Advisory Council.  But I am not afraid of them anymore.  What can they do to me on the last day of the challenge?

There were three films that have been nominated with the letter Z, all three are not that great.  The least worst is Zorba the Greek.  Granted Anthony Quinn was nominated for Best Actor, the film is painful to watch.  Even at the end when everything is destroyed with the tree moving attempt down the mountain you think Basil would have the normal reaction of strangling Zorba.  No, he asks him to teach him how to dance.  Stupid ending, almost as bad as the American remake of The Vanishing.

The next worst film is Zero Dark Thirty which I am still trying to figure out what was this movie about?  I've narrowed it down to a vehicle to funnel laundered drug money or some propaganda piece from a hidden office in the White House basement.  And the worst is Z by the horrible director Costa Gavras, but I apologize for being redundant there.

So that leaves me no other option to find the next best film with letter Z in the title.  Or at least one that is much better than those three.  And I found it, the 1974 science fiction disaster Zardoz.  That's right with Sean Connery running around half naked as Zed the brutal exterminator who sneaks into the Vortex to teach the immortals about death.

Am I thumbing my nose at the A to Z Advisory Council?  You bet I am.  But I can type faster than they can shut me down.  I'm going off the rails on the last day and they can't stop me.  (If there was a way to symbolize a mic drop, it would be here)


This is the A to Z Advisory Council interrupting this blog since it is not following the guidelines and, hey wait where is everyone?  Did we miss the blog?  How is this my fault?  I'm the one who said we should get it to go.  Oh right, now that is just insulting.  What?  You actually like Zardoz?  Fine, we'll move on to the next blog.


  1. OK...Hahahaaaa. I love the main theme music from Zorba but it really bothered me about the woman being stones and then they go and dance. Now, as for Zardoz...I have seen clips but this drug addled clip just makes me want to see it all the more. Connery in a little red diaper shooting like he is James Bond made me laugh.

    1. It is so much more than that. So bad that it's good. You should see the Rick and Morty episode where they spoofed Zardoz. Here is a picture of the floating head.

  2. This clip is surreal. They all must have been on drugs when they made Zardoz.

    Regarding Zero Dark Thirty, I believe most movies having to do with the military are propaganda for the military/industrial complex. They get assistance from whichever branch of the military is depicted so they can make the film.

    And, a big congratulations for completing the Challenge! I've really enjoyed your posts and humor.

    1. Regarding Zardoz, yes and yes.

      I have to agree that is the case with military movies, but when you wrote that I remembered the closing credits of Sgt. Bilko with Steve Martin:

      "The filmmakers gratefully acknowledge the total lack of cooperation from the United States Army."

      So seeing how they went out of their way to point that out I think your theory holds water.

      And congratulations to you for completing the Challenge as well. It was getting really hard there that last week, nearly missed a day. Dozing off while typing my post a few times might have made them slightly unreadable.