Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A to Z Challenge - V is for Victory!

Letter V in the A to Z Challenge is the 1934 Best Picture nominee Viva Villa! staring Wallace Beery as Pancho Villa and also staring Fay Wray.  It is a fictionalized film about his life, but does have some good fighting scenes.

Most of the film takes place during the early twentieth century when Panco Villa was rising in power as a rebel leader in Mexico.  He is convinced to start fighting for liberty and joins up to fight against the government.  He also takes a liking to an American newspaper reporter Johnny Sykes who reports on Pancho's exploits. Eventually he is exported, comes back and is a horrible leader and steps down when he is assassinated in a revenge killing.

I'll be honest, there aren't many films that were nominated with the letter V, so I took the oldest one I could find.  And Wallace Beery was a great actor who does a good over the top version of Pancho Villa, so that alone is worth watching it.

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  1. This is one that I haven't of many