Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two more from the 40's

Got around to watching two more films a few days ago. It so happened that they were from the 1940's, one was the oldest film on the DVR and now all films taped in October are done. The other was three hours long and it's much easier to watch it on a Sunday than during the week. I hate splitting up a movie over two, sometimes three days. I would rather watch it in one sitting, even if I pause it, I hate waiting to the next day to finish a film.

The Little Foxes (1941) - The 359th film was an adaption of Lillian Hellman play based on a southern family in the early 20th century who is slipping financially. Terrific acting by Bettie Davis, Charles Dingle and Patricia Collinge. The story has each sibling fighting each other for power and money. The film is well done, great costumes, felt that the script was a bit dry and dragging at times. Otherwise a good film. Not as good as Citizen Kane, or How Green Was My Valley, but worthy of Oscar nominations.

Since You Went Away (1944) - Film number 360 was a standard WWII drama, kind of an American version of Mrs. Miniver. Claudette Colbert is a mother who's husband has just gone off to war and it shows how she keeps her family together. Even has the great Lionel Barrymore in a cameo piece, who's on the screen less than two minutes, but you won't forget him. Joseph Cotton, Shirley Temple, Jennifer Jones, Robert Walker and even Agnes"Endora" Moorehead. A full all-star cast. While most period films usually don't keep relevance over time, like Forest Gump, this film really makes you fell like it's 1943. I didn't live during that time, but the feeling you get from watching this movie is that you are there with them. Someone commented that this film is so good you don't want it to end, I have to agree. Even though it's three hours, it goes very fast. I would say almost as good as Going My Way, maybe even better. Still got two more films to compare to, I'll have to wait until then.

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