Friday, January 16, 2015


That's right, I have now seen five hundred movies that have either been nominated or won Best Picture.  Technically I have seen over five hundred since this year's nominees were announced yesterday, but I watched my five hundredth film this past weekend.  What, don't believe me?  Fine, go back and count, I'll wait.

Okay, so now that has been settled, I'll make this a special post for the five hundredth movie.  After this I will post as I see the remaining handful of films which is becoming harder to start tracking these movies down.  The next phase of this project will move to Best Director.  Why you ask?  You ask a lot of questions don't you?  Well next to the best picture of the year, best director is one of the top awards, so it seems like a natural progression towards that.  As well most of the time the films that get nominated for best picture also get nominated for best director, so I am pretty close to seeing almost all of them as well.  So future posts will state if it is a review for picture, director or both.

Lincoln (2012) - What a movie!  This was a perfect pick for such a special post.  Daniel Day Lewis is so incredible, so talented, so amazing it is obvious why he won Best Actor.  But he is not alone, everyone was great, the war scenes, the congressional battles, costumes, just a great movie that you need to see.  As well as remind us that history cannot be ignored and we need to remember those who fought against slavery and those who were willing to let it continue.  The film covers the fight over getting the thirteenth amendment passed in Congress in the closing days of the Civil War and the difficulty of getting Democrat representatives to support it.  It may not be popular today to point this out but it was the Republican party that was working to end slavery and not the Democrats, just pointing that out.  Not to be a spoiler, but it does pass.

This is now the eighth of nine films nominated that year and I can very confidently say that this was the best picture of the year.  Argo doesn't even begin to come close to Lincoln.  This is another example where the academy got it wrong, really wrong.  The rest of the films are Argo in a very far second place, Beasts of the Southern Wild third, Silver Linings Playbook as fourth, Life of Pi fifth, Les Miserables as sixth, Django Unchained seventh and last is Zero Dark Thirty.

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