Saturday, March 1, 2014

Picks for the 2013 Oscars

Once again my wife and I have our annual competition on picking the nominees for best picture.  This time I had seen seven out of the nine films nominated and in some categories I have seen all of the films nominated.  Not sure if this will help or hinder me.  Remember not always the best will win but sometimes the most popular.

Visual Effects
Chris - Gravity
Adam - Gravity

This one is a no-brainer.  Gravity will win all of the technical awards and possibly a few others.

Sound Mixing
Chris - Gravity
Adam - Gravity

If Gravity is nominated it should nail this one too.  It is one of the best sci-fi movies ever made and was amazing to watch.

Sound Editing
Chris - Gravity
Adam - Gravity

Again a very safe bet to go with Gravity which I am sure will sweep all technical awards.

Chris - Gravity
Adam - Gravity

The only other film in this category that I saw was Nebraska which did have amazing cinematography.  But with Gravity you felt like you were in outer space.

Makeup & Hairstyling
Chris - Dallas Buyers Club
Adam - Dallas Buyers Club

How American Hustle did not get nominated for this is a major surprise.  Since it's not in the running, Dallas Buyers Club will win easily.  No chance for Jackass or The Lone Ranger.

Costume Design

Chris - The Great Gatsby
Adam - The Great Gatsby

There is a lot of buzz about Gatsby winning for costume design.  12 Years A Slave could win but this was one of the few items that was good about this movie.  Besides Leonardo DiCaprio it was a horrible film made by Baz Luhrmann, oh wait I didn't mean to be redundant there, it was a Baz Luhrmann film.

Production Design
Chris - Gravity
Adam - The Great Gatsby

The first that we are not picking the same on.  Well at least by the order of this blog post.  I can see why she would take Gravity, it will win many if not all of the technical awards.  I am sticking to what will win for Costume Design will also win for this category.

Film Editing
Chris - Gravity
Adam - 12 Years A Slave

Again the wife is going with Gravity, which is a good strategy.  I am going along the lines that the film that wins this category will win best picture.  Of course I got thrown off a few years ago from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but I was right last year.

Music Original Song

Chris - Mandella
Adam - Mandella

This song was written by U2.  So it doesn't even have to be good, I'm sure it's not and the film doesn't have to be good, I heard it was horrible.  But the academy will want to give them an Oscar.

Music Original Score
Chris - The Book Thief
Adam - Gravity

My wife is going by the person, in this case John Williams.  I am going by the movie since there wasn't much conversation in Gravity so the music has much more meaning.

Writing Adapted Screenplay

Chris - The Wolf Of Wall Street
Adam - 12 Years A Slave 

This is one of those categories where a movie will win since they won't win elsewhere, which is what I believe my wife is doing.  And it was a good adaption, albeit very long, so it could win.  I am going on record thinking 12 Years A Slave will win best picture and pick this one up too.

Writing Original Screenplay
Chris - Her
Adam - American Hustle

There are two films that are up for this award, you guessed it, the two we picked.  Her has a very good chance to win the pity award (see above).  I think it will be the pity award for American Hustle since I don't think it's going to win anything else.

Short Film Animated
Chris - Get A Horse!
Adam - Get A Horse! 

This is one of the unpredictable ones that seems to be a sure shot from what I've seen online.  I believe it is a Disney film, or at least I think it is.

Short Film Live Action
Chris - Hellum
Adam -The Voorman Problem

These are the pure wild cards of the Oscars, so any film is as good as any other, right?

Documentary Short Subject
Chris - Facing Fear
Adam - The Lady in Number 6

Write one through five on five pieces of paper, put it into a bag and pull out one of the strips.  That is the best way to chose these films, no way to even begin to guess.

Best Animated
Chris - Despicable Me 2
Adam - Frozen

This has become a much more competitive category over the past few years.  It should be one of these two films so someone may get an edge up?

Best Documentary
Chris - Cutie and the Boxer
Adam - 20 Feet From Stardom

Again another category where it is up in the air.  Guessing is the best bet and sometimes you might just win.

Best Foreign Language
Chris - The Great Beauty
Adam - Omar 

I am taking a gamble here because in hindsight I think Omar may win since it is a Palestinian movie.  That shouldn't mean much except to people who vote based on what county the film comes from and not how good or bad it is. 

Best Supporting Actress
Chris - Lupita Nyong'o
Adam - Lupita Nyong'o

There is a lot of talk that she will win.  Personally I think Jennifer Lawrence should win but might not get it after winning Best Actress last year.

Best Supporting Actor
Chris - Jared Leto 
Adam - Jared Leto

He won the Golden Globe and deserves to win the Oscar.

Best Actress
Chris - Cate Blanchet
Adam - Cate Blanchet

Of the five nominated this is the only one I haven't seen, from the film Blue Jasmine. If everyone didn't say she was going to win I would say Meryl Streep who was utterly amazing in August: Osage County.  I hope that when I eventually see this film I am not totally disappointed.

Best Actor
Chris - Matthew McConaughey
Adam - Matthew McConaughey

I have seen all five actors in their nominated roles and while I do believe that Chiwetel Ejofor was amazing, this is Matthew McConaughey's year.  Not because of the political correctness of his role, which would be a stretch if you've seen the movie, but because he was terrific.  I would like to note why in the world did Bruce Dern get nominated, he grunted a handful of times and did nothing.  Will Forte should have gotten his nomination for Nebraska.

Best Director
Chris - Steve McQueen
Adam - Alfonso Cuaron

McQueen did win the Golden Globe, and deservedly so and may just win again.  I think they want to award Gravity with as many Oscars as possible but will only give it one major.

Best Picture
Chris - American Hustle
Adam - 12 Years A Slave

It has come down to these two films.  Gravity and Dallas Buyers Club are third and fourth as serious long shots, the other five are no where near.  Anything could happen.  Odds are still with 12 Years A Slave but I can see American Hustle winning.

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