Wednesday, March 5, 2014

86th Oscar Results

Watched the Oscars the other night and decided to post the results right away.  That and I have a bunch of other posts to put up here on the blog.

Visual Effects
Chris - Gravity
Adam - Gravity
Winner - Gravity
Chris - 1
Adam - 1

Like I said this one was a no-brainer. Gravity will win all of the technical awards and possibly a few others.

Sound Mixing
Chris - Gravity
Adam - Gravity
Winner - Gravity
Chris - 2
Adam - 2

Once again a very easy choice, technical award = pick Gravity.

Sound Editing
Chris - Gravity
Adam - Gravity
Winner -  Gravity
Chris - 3
Adam - 3

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

Chris - Gravity
Adam - Gravity
Winner - Gravity
Chris - 4
Adam - 4

Gravity made you feel like you were in outer space. Another earned award for the movie.

Makeup & Hairstyling
Chris - Dallas Buyers Club
Adam - Dallas Buyers Club
Winner - Dallas Buyers Club
Chris - 5
Adam - 5

This was another simple one especially since American Hustle wasn't nominated. Although from the luck it had last night it would have probably lost this category too.

Costume Design

Chris - The Great Gatsby
Adam - The Great Gatsby
Winner -  The Great Gatsby
Chris - 6
Adam - 6

Turns out I was right about this film winning.  And how a film made by Baz Luhrmann is redundant with horrible.

Production Design
Chris - Gravity
Adam - The Great Gatsby
Winner - The Great Gatsby
Chris - 6
Adam - 7

I was right about costume design and production design both winning.  I am a genus.  I am pulling away!

Film Editing
Chris - Gravity
Adam - 12 Years A Slave
Winner - Gravity
Chris -  7
Adam - 7

So I, um, take back what I just said  Looks live Gravity will win almost all the technical awards.

Music Original Song

Chris - Mandella
Adam - Mandella
Winner - Frozen
Chris - 7
Adam - 7

This was one of two categories where neither of us picked the winner.  But I'm not upset since U2 lost.

Music Original Score
Chris - The Book Thief
Adam - Gravity
Winner - Gravity
Chris - 7
Adam - 8

Realized that Gravity was going to win all of the technical awards.  Or at least it did win six out of seven categories.

Writing Adapted Screenplay

Chris - The Wolf Of Wall Street
Adam - 12 Years A Slave
Winner - 12 Years A Slave
Chris -  7
Adam - 9

As we move into the major categories this is where the top films will start to win, that was my guess which I turned out right.  May be starting to pull ahead?

Writing Original Screenplay
Chris - Her
Adam - American Hustle
Winner - Her
Chris - 8
Adam - 9

Ok I'll keep my mouth shut about bragging.  This is like The Descendants two years ago which won a screenplay Oscar but didn't get anything else. 

Short Film Animated
Chris - Get A Horse!
Adam - Get A Horse!
Winner - Mr. Hublot
Chris - 8
Adam - 9

The only other one neither of us got right.  Guess there was no love for Disney?

Short Film Live Action
Chris - Helium
Adam -The Voorman Problem
Winner - Helium
Chris - 9
Adam - 9

The wife hit the lottery and picked one of the wild cards.  These can make or break the contest.

Documentary Short Subject
Chris - Facing Fear
Adam - The Lady in Number 6
Winner - The Lady in Number 6
Chris - 9
Adam - 10

Luck bounced my way on this one.  Didn't realize but it was a film about the Holocaust.  If you make a documentary about that it usually will always win.

Best Animated
Chris - Despicable Me 2
Adam - Frozen
Winner - Frozen
Chris - 9
Adam - 11

Turns out Disney did get some love.

Best Documentary
Chris - Cutie and the Boxer
Adam - 20 Feet From Stardom
Winner - 20 Feet From Stardom
Chris - 9
Adam - 12

I'll admit I was lucky.  This is the last of the wild cards where you just may as well pick anyone randomly.

Best Foreign Language
Chris - The Great Beauty
Adam - Omar
Winner - The Great Beauty
Chris - 9
Adam - 13

My gamble here paid off.  Kind of makes up for gambling on best editing. 

Best Supporting Actress
Chris - Lupita Nyong'o
Adam - Lupita Nyong'o
Winner - Lupita Nyong'o
Chris - 10 
Adam - 14

A slam dunk and she won.  Not that she didn't deserve to win just that Jennifer Lawrence was just as good.

Best Supporting Actor
Chris - Jared Leto
Adam - Jared Leto
Winner - Jared Leto
Chris - 11 
Adam - 15

Killer acceptance speech praising those fighting for liberty in the Ukraine and Venezuela.

Best Actress
Chris - Cate Blanchet
Adam - Cate Blanchet
Winner - Cate Blanchet
Chris - 12
Adam - 16

I'm looking forward to watching her in this movie.  It is a Woody Allen film which helps but I just hope it isn't a repeat of me watching Forest Gump after The Shawshank Redemption.

Best Actor
Chris - Matthew McConaughey
Adam - Matthew McConaughey
Winner - Matthew McConaughey
Chris - 13
Adam - 17

Called this one as well.  Great acceptance speech to add.

Best Director
Chris - Steve McQueen
Adam - Alfonso Cuaron
Winner - Alfonso Cuaron
Chris - 13
Adam - 18

This was for a few reasons, some of them valid and some not.  The valid ones are that it is a very good film and the academy wanted to give Gravity a major category award.  The non valid ones I won't bother to discuss.

Best Picture
Chris - American Hustle
Adam - 12 Years A Slave
Winner - 12 Years A Slave
Chris - 13
Adam - 19

And since I saw it already I can keep my streak of having seen every film that has won best picture.  I win this year and hopefully I will finish in the top at my local movie theater Oscar contest. 

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