Saturday, February 25, 2012

Picks for the 2011 Oscars

Normally my wife and I have our annual death match when it comes to picking the Oscars. This year she printed my ballot with her picks already there. This avoids the controversy many years ago when she looked at my ballot just before they started, erased her picks, copied mine and won. This is why I wouldn't show my picks until a few minutes before the Oscars started and would agree not to change our choices.

So here is what each of us will be rooting for, starting with the lower tier of course.

Visual Effects
Chris - Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Adam - Hugo

I have heard that Rise of the Planet of the Apes has amazing effects, but I think Hugo will win all of the technical awards. And you will see that we have picked many of the same films in most categories so I have to differentiate occasionally.

Sound Mixing
Chris - Hugo
Adam - Hugo

As I said on the previous award I am sticking with Hugo.

Sound Editing
Chris - Hugo
Adam - Hugo

Technical award, go with Hugo.

Chris - Hugo
Adam - Hugo

Another technical award, in my opinion, so again I'm going with Hugo.

Chris - The Iron Lady
Adam - Albert Nobbs

I can see why The Iron Lady was nominated, Meryl Streep really looks like Margaret Thacher. But Albert Nobbs made Glenn Close look like a man. Only three nominated so one of us is right or we both lose.

Costume Design

Chris - Hugo
Adam - The Artist

This could be a toss up, but I think the Artist will win in almost every category it's nominated in.

Art Direction
Chris - Hugo
Adam - The Artist

At this pace one of us will be way into the lead or both desperately tied.

Film Editing
Chris - The Artist
Adam - The Artist

If you think a movie is going to win best picture, it's probably going to win film editing too.

Music Original Song

Chris - The Muppets
Adam - The Muppets

There were only two songs nominated and one of them is from The Muppets. Who would you vote for?

Music Original Score
Chris - The Artist
Adam - The Artist

If The Artist only wins one award it has to be this one. Hello, it's a silent movie! You have to have a good score.

Writing Adapted Screenplay

Chris - The Descendants
Adam - The Descendants

I think this will be the only award The Descendants will win. It's one of the biggest movies of the year but I think will lose in every other category and people don't want it to go away empty handed.

Writing Original Screenplay
Chris - Midnight In Paris
Adam - Midnight In Paris

Woody Allen is long overdue for another Oscar, and even though he won't be there, the buzz is that he is a shoe in for winning it.

Short Film Animated
Chris - The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Adam - La Luna

No idea who will win, just a pure guess. There is no way to know who will win these, these awards are the wild cards. So I picked a different film to try and move ahead.

Short Film Live Action
Chris - Tuba Atlantic
Adam - Raju

I would have picked Tuba Atlantic because the name sounds so cool, so I had to settle for Raju. Again just a blind guess.

Documentary Short Subject
Chris - Saving Face
Adam - Incident in New Baghdad

No research done on this, so my guess is that something involving Iraq should get enough votes.

Best Animated
Chris - Rango
Adam - Rango

In a year with no Pixar films, this one seems to be the one mentioned the most likely to win.

Best Documentary
Chris - Undefeated
Adam - Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

Besides having the coolest name of the other nominees, I fell asleep watching the Documentary Channel the other day. Just before I nodded off I saw the director of this movie being asked a question or something. Or did I dream that?

Best Foreign Language
Chris - A Separation
Adam - A Separation

I've heard that this is the one to beat. It's from Iran and seeing how our President will most likely declare war on Iran sometime in September when he is polling behind the Republican nominee, it's a good shot to win.

Best Supporting Actress
Chris - Octavia Spencer
Adam - Octavia Spencer

This is one of the most obvious ones to pick, she has won every award so far.

Best Supporting Actor
Chris - Christopher Plummer
Adam - Christopher Plummer

This is the other most obvious one to pick. I don't think he has ever won before so this will be more of a lifetime achievement award.

Best Actress
Chris - Meryl Streep
Adam - Viola Davis

I could be wrong here, but The Help is a very popular movie and it won't win much besides Best Supporting Actress.

Best Actor
Chris - Jean Dujardin
Adam - Jean Dujardin

The Artist will win the big awards, he won the Golden Globe, and most of all he was terrific.

Best Director
Chris - Michel Hazanavicius
Adam - Michel Hazanavicius

The Artist once again, although I have heard rumors of Martin Scorseese.

Best Picture
Chris - The Artist
Adam - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, just kidding, The Artist

The first time since 1960 a full black and white film will win and the first since 1928 for a silent film to win. That and I have already seen it. And I won't need to reorder my academy award list since it is in alphabetical order. Oh yea, and it's a great movie.

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