Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I wonder how many times did Gene Kelly accidently step on the mouse during rehearsals?

Of course Jerry aka Itchy has had worse from Tom aka Scratchy, so I'm sure he was a professional. Along with Anchors Aweigh I also saw Love is a Many-Splendored Thing and finally getting me back to 75% after adding this years nine movies dropped me down by two percent.

Anchors Aweigh (1945) - A standard light hearted musical done well. Staring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra as two Navy sailors who get a four day pass in Hollywood after earning the Silver Star. Somewhat comical and clever and as someone who really doesn't like musicals, I didn't hate this film. It's not going to make my top 100, but it is a very good film. If you love musicals then this is a film for you.

This lost to The Lost Weekend, no pun intended, and understandable so. Even though it was around the end of WWII, The Lost Weekend is such a powerful movie that few others could beat it. This could have won in the 1950's, but it came out when it did. I've seen three from 1945 and while this sits in third, it is only slightly edged out by Mildred Pierce.

Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955) - A slow moving love story about a half Chinese half English woman who is a doctor in Hong Kong in the late 1940's. Did I mention it was slow? Compared to modern films where there is instant gratification, this film very gradually moves along and tells the story of the heroine falling in love with a American corespondent. Great acting by Jennifer Jones and William Holden, not much beyond that, but they have great chemistry together.

Overall it could have been told in 15 minutes, but the extra 85 minutes allowed some nice cinematography and the theme song played a few times. Not a terrible film, but an above average film. Which is why it is a thousand times better than Marty. So now Marty which was in third place, since I had seen three films from that year, goes to fourth, soon on it's way to last place.

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