Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Picks for the 2014 Oscars

It's that time of the year to once again compete my wife on picking the nominees for the Oscars.  This time I have seen seven out of the eight films nominated for Best Picture and in some categories I have seen most of the films nominated.  Not sure if this will help or hinder me. Remember not always the best will win but sometimes the most popular.

Visual Effects
Chris - Guardians of the Galaxy
Adam - Interstellar

Unlike last year where Gravity was going to win all of these technical awards, this year it is a bit tougher.  I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy but I have seen Interstellar.  I'm sure one of these will win.

Sound Mixing
Chris - American Sniper
Adam - American Sniper

American Sniper is one of the best movies made this year, but unfortunately I think this is only one of the two Oscars it will win. 

Sound Editing
Chris - American Sniper
Adam - American Sniper

And this is the other.  The sound was incredible, you felt like you were in the middle of the battle with bullets flying around you.

Chris - Unbroken
Adam - Birdman

This one could be a toss up too.  My logic is the cinematographer for this film has won before and is respected.  Also I don't think Birdman will pull off too many victories and this may be one of the only awards it will win.

Makeup & Hairstyling
Chris - Foxcatcher
Adam - Guardians of the Galaxy

No idea, saw something on the web, one in three chance.

Costume Design

Chris - Into the Woods
Adam - The Grand Budapest Hotel

These are probably the top two front runners in this category.  I can see either one pulling out a victory.

Production Design
Chris - The Grand Budapest Hotel
Adam - The Grand Budapest Hotel

One of the few that we are on the same page with each other.  This is an incredibly stylish film and should be a lock.

Film Editing
Chris - The Imitation Game
Adam - Boyhood

This category has a lot of emphasis placed on it lately, although historically not every best picture will win this category.  Personally I felt that American Sniper was the best edited of the four films I watched, still haven't seen Whiplash at this point.  But I have to go with what the voters will pick.

Music Original Song

Chris - Selma
Adam - Selma

Besides Best Picture, this was the only other nominee that Selma got.  And if you watched the movie and/or read my last blog post, you'll see that this makes sense.  But the academy will want to reward this movie.  Get ready for a long winded speech.....

Music Original Score
Chris - Interstellar
Adam - The Theory of Everything

Some really good nominees in this category.  Again, this could be a toss up.  But The Theory of Everything did play Wagner, so even it is loses, it still is a winner.

Writing Adapted Screenplay

Chris - Whiplash
Adam - Whiplash

While I have not seen this movie yet, I hear that it is a great movie.  It only seems logical that they would want to reward it with a major award.

Writing Original Screenplay
Chris - The Grand Budapest Hotel
Adam - Boyhood

This could be a free-for-all seeing how a different film that the ones my wife and I are picking could win.  I'm sticking with Boyhood on this, my wife thinks that Wes Anderson will finally get some love.

Short Film Animated
Chris - Me and My Moulton
Adam - Feast 

No idea, no idea, no idea.  And there is no logic, rhyme or reason who wins these.

Short Film Live Action
Chris - The Phone Call
Adam -The Phone Call

One year I actually got to watch the five films that were nominated and the one that won I would have never picked it in a million years.

Documentary Short Subject
Chris - Crisis Hotline
Adam - Crisis Hotline

The best bet is to randomly pick one.  Or if you ever watch them, pick the one that you think couldn't win.

Best Animated
Chris - How to Train Your Dragon 2
Adam - How to Train Your Dragon 2

No Disney film this year and The Lego Movie didn't get nominated.  This is understandable since Lego has been.....has been.....all right I got nothing why they didn't nominate the biggest animated film of the year.  So this is the best bet.

Best Documentary
Chris - Citizenfour
Adam - Citizenfour

Not sure, but there is a lot of buzz on the web about this winning.

Best Foreign Language
Chris - Ida
Adam - Wild Tales

This category has been becoming harder to pick over the years, with the exception when Amour was nominated.  Ida was nominated for cinematography which may help it.  I'm surprised that Estonia was able to make a movie seeing how they are the only European nation to be powered by cabbages.

Best Supporting Actress
Chris - Patricia Arquette
Adam - Patricia Arquette

This was the only acting award given to Boyhood, which should make this a lock.  That and no one else in the category did that great except for Meryl Streep, but she isn't going to win this year.

Best Supporting Actor
Chris - J.K. Simmons
Adam - J.K. Simmons

Another one of those guaranteed to win.

Best Actress
Chris - Julianne Moore
Adam - Julianne Moore

The odds of her not winning this rank up there with Hawaii getting a snowstorm.

Best Actor
Chris - Bradley Cooper
Adam - Eddie Redmayne

My wife is going with the logical argument that American Sniper has to win something.  And Bradley Cooper was terrific.  I'm playing it safe and going with the Golden Globe winner.

Best Director
Chris - Alejandro G. Inarritu
Adam - Richard Linklater

I'm going with the director of Boyhood since it was a very difficult project he started and completed.  I think the academy will want to reward him for his hard work.

Best Picture
Chris - Boyhood
Adam - Boyhood

This year there is a strong competition for Best Picture.  Boyhood was the early favorite.  Then Birdman started to win a bunch of awards.  Then American Sniper became the most popular film in America and probably has made more money than the other seven combined.  Add to this Whiplash could be a wild card coming in with the vote split.  Or people angry about Selma may vote for it.  There is still The Imitation Game crowd who compares it to The King's Speech.  One thing is for sure, The Theory of Everything will lose.

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