Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Results

My streak has been ended. For the past five to six years I have won, maybe a tie somewhere in there, but this year my wife won. Here are some interesting statistics:

92% is the combined correct picks, between us we got 22 out of 24 correct. The two we missed Best Editing and Live Action Short Film;

83% was what my wife got, 20 out of 24;

67% was my score, 16 out of 24.

Here is a breakdown of each category.

Visual Effects

Chris - Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Adam - Hugo
Winner - Hugo
Adam - 1
Chris - 0

This is one of the few that I got right that my wife didn't. My guess of Hugo winning the technical awards payed off.

Sound Mixing
Chris - Hugo
Adam - Hugo
Winner - Hugo
Adam - 2
Chris -1

Another of the five technical awards won by Hugo.

Sound Editing
Chris - Hugo
Adam - Hugo
Winner - Hugo
Adam - 3
Chris - 2

Looking pretty smart, ain't I? S-M-R-T!

Chris - Hugo
Adam - Hugo
Winner - Hugo
Adam - 4
Chris - 3

From what I've seen, this is going to be a very enjoyable film to watch.

Chris - The Iron Lady
Adam - Albert Nobbs
Winner - The Iron Lady
Adam - 4
Chris - 4

This is one of the first gambles that I made that didn't work out.

Costume Design

Chris - Hugo
Adam - The Artist
Winner - The Artist
Adam - 5
Chris - 4

This gamble paid off, my theory was that The Artist will win most of the categories it's running for.

Art Direction
Chris - Hugo
Adam - The Artist
Winner - Hugo
Adam - 5
Chris - 5

This was a toss up, but one of the many technical ones that Hugo won. I was right on Costume Design, wrong on this one.

Film Editing
Chris - The Artist
Adam - The Artist
Winner - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Adam - 5
Chris - 5

What the? This is one of two that neither of us would have guessed. That includes the two guys who won the award. My only guess is that they wanted this film to get some recognition so this was the one award. They were the same ones who won last year for The Social Network, maybe they are in good with their crowd.

Music Original Song

Chris - The Muppets
Adam - The Muppets
Winner - The Muppets
Adam - 6
Chris - 6

Like I said, who is going to vote against The Muppets. Watching the two nominees my wife commented after they showed the song from Rio that it couldn't lose enough.

Music Original Score
Chris - The Artist
Adam - The Artist
Winner - The Artist
Adam - 7
Chris - 7

No-brainer on this one, it's a silent movie.

Writing Adapted Screenplay

Chris - The Descendants
Adam - The Descendants
Winner - The Descendants
Adam - 8
Chris - 8

I called this one, it was rather obvious. People wanted to recognize the film, this is one award that is commonly used. And I was right, it was the only award the film won all night.

Writing Original Screenplay
Chris - Midnight In Paris
Adam - Midnight In Paris
Winner - Midnight In Paris
Adam - 9
Chris - 9

I was glad to see this since Woody Allen is one of the greatest comedic filmmakers of all time. And of course, he wasn't there.

Short Film Animated
Chris - The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Adam - La Luna
Winner -
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Adam - 9
Chris - 10

These awards I consider to be the wild cards. There is no real way to know who will win unless you have seen all of the films and are involved in this community. Otherwise it is a pure guess and one I wasn't lucky on.

Short Film Live Action
Chris - Tuba Atlantic
Adam - Raju
Winner - The Shore
Adam - 9
Chris - 10

The only other category that neither of us was able to get right.

Documentary Short Subject
Chris - Saving Face
Adam - Incident in New Baghdad
Winner - Saving Face
Adam - 9
Chris - 11

Maybe I should have researched these a bit, but still they are a lottery and I guessed wrong. I've been lucky in the past, this year it went to my wife.

Best Animated
Chris - Rango
Adam - Rango
Winner - Rango
Adam - 10
Chris - 12

Back in the winning momentum, but still two behind my wife.

Best Documentary
Chris - Undefeated
Adam - Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory
Winner - Undefeated
Adam - 10
Chris - 13

Now I am in trouble, this is the last of the wild cards and I was 0 for 4, the wife was 3 for 4.

Best Foreign Language
Chris - A Separation
Adam - A Separation
Winner - A Separation
Adam - 11
Chris - 14

Not much of a surprise here. Of course seeing the new Rassmussen polls we should be at war with Iran by the end of the week.

Best Supporting Actress
Chris - Octavia Spencer
Adam - Octavia Spencer
Winner - Octavia Spencer
Adam - 12
Chris - 15

Everyone knew this, if you didn't I would like to sell you a bridge.

Best Supporting Actor
Chris - Christopher Plummer
Adam - Christopher Plummer
Winner - Christopher Plummer
Adam - 13
Chris - 16

Would you like to buy a second bridge?

Best Actress
Chris - Meryl Streep
Adam - Viola Davis
Winner - Meryl Streep
Adam - 13
Chris - 17

This is the empty net goal. I had a feeling that I may be losing and would need a desperate attempt to try and tie or pull ahead at the end.

Best Actor
Chris - Jean Dujardin
Adam - Jean Dujardin
Winner - Jean Dujardin
Adam - 14
Chris - 18

Getting towards the end and it's looking all The Artists from here on.

Best Director
Chris - Michel Hazanavicius
Adam - Michel Hazanavicius
Winner - Michel Hazanavicius
Adam - 15
Chris - 19

The fourth out of five, rather obvious.

Best Picture
Chris - The Artist
Adam - The Artist
Winner - The Artist
Adam - 16
Chris -20

And the 84th best picture is The Artist.

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  1. This is the wife: I won because I went online and did about 5 minutes worth of research.