Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - Best Picture Edition

So my wife does a lot more blogging than I do, and participates in a bunch of different events and challenges than me.  There is one known as Blogging A to Z Challenge done each April.  Anyway, she convinced me that I should do it, or I decided to do it to get back at her, or I'm doing it to support her.  To be honest, I can't remember but it is most likely a bit of all three of the reasons and maybe a few more.

You are expected to write twenty six posts, one for each day not counting Sunday, except for this year since there are five Sunday's, you do post on the last one.  You don't have to have a theme, but it is recommended that you should, might help you formulate ideas better.

Theme Reveal

As if you haven't already guessed, it will be about movies.  More specifically, movies that were nominated or won Best Picture.  But if you read the title of the post you would have known that already and it is too late to get your money back. Each day I will pick a movie based on the letter of the day and talk about why you should see this movie.  I plan on focusing on movies that many people are not aware of or haven't seen in a long time.  Hopefully it will motivate you to go see the movie.

Check back in on April 1st to see which movie I will pick.  For those of you who can't wait, I'll give a hint.  I think it starts with an A.


  1. Welcome to the A to Z Challenge!

    I'm always looking for movie recommendations so your theme sounds like a good one to me. Hope you have fun this April.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out Theme Reveal: It's About Time

  2. Sounds interesting. Am constantly on the look-out for good movies to watch. Will surely be here on the 1st.