Sunday, February 28, 2016

Picks for the 2015 Oscars

It's that time of the year to once again compete my wife on picking the nominees for the Oscars.  This year I have not seen any of the nominees for Best Picture and almost none of the others nominated as well.  I do have the new Mad Max on my DVR, but I won't be able to see it before the Oscars are announced.

Visual Effects
Chris - Mad Max: Fury Road
Adam - Mad Max: Fury Road

This time around Mad Max will most likely win the technical awards, so this seems like a safe bet.

Sound Mixing
Chris - Mad Max: Fury Road
Adam - Mad Max: Fury Road

Same as above.

Sound Editing
Chris - Mad Max: Fury Road
Adam - Mad Max: Fury Road

And same as above and above.

Chris - Mad Max: Fury Road
Adam - The Revenant

The wife is sticking with the plan, I'm guessing that The Revenant will win at least one technical award

Makeup & Hairstyling
Chris - Mad Max: Fury Road
Adam - Mad Max: Fury Road

Who would think that in the apocalypse people would have such nice hair?

Costume Design
Chris - Mad Max: Fury Road
Adam - Mad Max: Fury Road

And spend so much time on style?

Production Design
Chris - Mad Max: Fury Road
Adam - Mad Max: Fury Road

And another technical award that should be won.

Film Editing
Chris - Mad Max: Fury Road
Adam - The Revenant

Same logic as the cinematography.

Music Original Song
Chris - Simple Song #3
Adam -Til It Happens To You

You never know with this category, my guess is that Lady Gaga will win an Oscar.

Music Original Score
Chris - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Adam - The Hateful Eight

I think that Ennio Morricone will get the Oscar but there is a good case for John Williams and the Star Wars franchise

Writing Adapted Screenplay
Chris - Brooklyn
Adam - The Big Short

The screenplay categories have recently become a way to award a film that won't win anything else, but we don't want you to go home empty handed.  So it can be a toss up.

Writing Original Screenplay
Chris - Straight Outta Compton
Adam - Spotlight

A good case can be made for either one of these.  Spotlight will most likely not win best picture so this might be the only award it gets.  But Straight Outta Compton might win due to the recent controversy.

Short Film Animated
Chris - We Can't Live Without Cosmos
Adam - Sanjay's Super Team

These are the lottery picks.  In that you have as good as a chance of picking the winner as you do playing the lottery.

Short Film Live Action
Chris - Everything Will Be Okay (Alles Wird Gut)
Adam - Ave Maria

Your second lottery pick.

Documentary Short Subject
Chris - Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah
Adam - Body Team 12

And guess number three.

Best Animated
Chris - Shaun the Sheep Movie
Adam - Inside Out

I've heard that Inside Out was a long shot for best picture so I think it might win here.

Best Documentary
Chris - Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom
Adam - Amy

This used to be one of the lottery categories but it has changed over the past few years.  I know that the Amy Winehouse documentary was very popular and should have a shot of winning.

Best Foreign Language
Chris - Son of Saul
Adam - Son of Saul

This is considered to be the one that will win.

Best Supporting Actress
Chris - Rachel McAdams
Adam - Alicia Vikander

Having not seen any of these movies this year I am not clouded by my judgement of what was great and what wasn't, which usually worked against me.

Best Supporting Actor
Chris - Sylvester Stallone
Adam - Sylvester Stallone

You think he'll ever get nominated again?

Best Actress
Chris - Brie Larson
Adam - Brie Larson

This is apparently her year.

Best Actor
Chris - Leonardo DiCaprio
Adam - Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most underrated actors of our era, about time in my opinion.

Best Director
Chris - The Revenant
Adam - Mad Max: Fury Road

I don't think that Alejandro G. Inarritu will win back to back, very rare for a director to do that.  Of course if he did that would make three non white directors to win in a row, oh wait sorry, that's not true since the Oscars are all white.

Best Picture
Chris - The Revenant
Adam - The Revenant

Supposed to be the best one made this year.  At some point I will be able to see all of them and make my own judgement.

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