Tuesday, October 29, 2013

85 Out Of 85

That's right I've seen every film that has won best picture.  At some point I will rank these movies before the next one is named, but for now I will talk about the last best picture I needed to see and two others that now put me at only twenty five more movies to go, for now.

Argo (2012) - Winner of best picture of the year, based on the CIA plot to rescue six Americans trapped in Iran back in 1979.  It is a dramatization and not fully accurate but a well done film that plays out as a suspense action thriller but from a dramatic way.  Not sure if that makes much sense but even though you know the ending, you still hang on the edge of your seat.

This makes the third film I've seen for the year and it currently stands as the best of the three with Beasts of the Southern Wild in second and Life of Pi third.

Les Miserables (2012) - The second version to be nominated for best picture, the first musical version of the famed Victor Hugo story.  Each version I've seen  focuses on different parts of the story.  I did see the play almost twenty five years ago so I don't remember how close the film is to the play.  As compared to other versions, not as good.  Granted I'm not much of a fan of musicals, but it gets a bit annoying after awhile.  That and being such a cheerful story makes it a film that I'm glad I've seen but don't need to see again.

As the fourth film from the year it settles nicely after Life of Pi for fourth place, soon to move lower.

Children Of A Lesser God (1986) - A romantic drama that is mainly based upon a deaf character and a teacher at a school for the deaf.  Typical 80's movie that really isn't much to watch.  Rather comical at times trying to make a bigger deal out of things that are really not that important.  But you have to have conflict to help the story along, and it does it, but not very effectively.  Acting was fine but nothing outstanding.  Marlee Matlin's Oscar for best actress was more for the fact that she wasn't an actress and kept up with the rest of the cast.

This finishes 1986 and while it is typical of most years from the decade, with the exception of 1980, the films were good but nothing that would strike out as a classic.  Ranking them would put Platoon as the best picture, it was very well produced and was made at the right time in history.  People were starting to realize that they didn't treat Vietnam veterans that well and wanted to make it up to them.  Second is Hanna and Her Sisters because it is a Woody Allen movie and rather funny.  Not as good as his others, if so then it would have won or should have been the best picture.  Mission is third since it was a good film, more for it's cinematography than the story but worthy of being nominated.  Fourth is A Room With A View, standard Merchant Ivory movie which are good but somewhat safe and boring.  Last is Children of a Lesser God for being not as good as the other nominees.

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