Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't Mess with Israel

Saw another three films. You should be able to guess from the title that one of them was Munich. Also the original Heaven Can Wait, which is not the same as the sequel which was another film redone, I'll explain when I get to it. And not to forget Captain Blood, that's why I'm running around with a sword today, not because of my overdose of meth.

Munich (2005) - The 362nd film was also the last film I needed to see for 2005 making that the 25th year I have completed. The film is a historic drama based on the events at the 1972 Olympics when Israeli athletes were killed by terrorists and the Israeli government developing a secret opps group to kill the organizers of the attack. It's loosely based on one of the people involved with the assassinations, but it truly can't be confirmed. Like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, there is no way to disprove Chuck Berris's claim of being a CIA agent, the same is with Munich. There is no way to confirm the validity of the film, but it still was a very well done drama. It follows a team as they hunt down the terrorists throughout Europe and their cold blooded assassinations of them. Great action and once again reminding you that Israel is a country you don't want to mess with.

Now that I have seen all films from 2005 I can confirm that Crash was the best with Munich coming in as a close second, mainly since the film dragged a bit but still had a great ending. If you match Crash with Munich they both appear to be as equally good but as you go further into each film Crash just comes out slightly better. Third would be Capote, mainly due to Philip Semour Hoffman. Fourth is Brokeback Mountain and last is Good Night, and Good Luck. that is good luck trying to watch it without your eyes bleeding.

Heaven Can Wait (1943) - Here is my confusion, there is a 1978 film nominated for best picture called Heaven Can Wait but its based on Here Comes Mr. Jordan and not the original Heaven Can Wait which is a different movie. This would be like if I decided to remake Apocalypse Now but call it Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then once you find out that it was co-written, directed and produced by Warren Beatty, you realize that he is an idiot.

The Heaven Can Wait from 1943 is about a man who just died and is with Satan in his fancy art deco office making his point that he is supposed to be there. Satan is not sure and hears his life story. Turns out he was a womanizer who stole his wife from his cousin, always cheated on her, kept chasing women after she dies, salt of the earth type. And then Satan tells him that he belongs in heaven and not hell. My guess is that the screenplay wasn't written by a council of ministers or the Catholic Church. Does have Don Ameche and that old Technicolor that looks like footage from the 1939 World Fair.

A cute film, not bad, but compared to Casablanca? Nowhere in the same class.

Captain Blood (1935) - The classic swashbuckling film with Errol Flynn as Captain Blood, a mild mannered doctor who is arrested for treating a revolutionary in late 1600's England and sent to the Caribbean as a slave. This is the first half of the film, he escapes with his crew when the Spaniards attack, steal their ship and becomes a pirate. An honorable pirate who fights Basil Rathbone for the always beautiful Olivia de Havilland. You know Basil is evil because he has a French accent and a thin mustache. Great battle scenes, sword fights and not stop action. Still holds its own after all these years. But to go against Mutiny on the Bounty, another sailing film, it couldn't win. That and Mutiny on the Bounty was better.

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